Click to EnlargeSandwich is the story of Tommy Granger, retired Glasgow Gangster who went on to live a straight life having carved up a career that earned him the legendary status of one of Glasgow's Godfathers. After the death of his son his family disowned him and he hasn't seen them for nearly ten years. Only recently has his sister accepted him back into her life and Tommy soon starts to become reaquainted with his young niece, Emma.

Sandwich is set in the east end of Glasgow with locations that range from from streets, cellars and parks. The film takes you on a journey that introduces you to the universe that Tommy Granger inhabits. As we go into his world we see that Tommy is much like a Sandwich himself, what you see on the outisde isn't exaclty what you get on the inside.

Sandwich was created by Colin Ross Smith through conversation with Robert Harrison was in the process of creating a show reel. Colin noted that Robert needed something to sell himself as the tough talking gangster character he was born to portray. One day whilst watching Goodfellas it came to Colin, the character of Tommy Granger. He sat down with a piece of paper and began writing the first page of Sandwich. Over the following months the story developed and was shot over 5 days in the east end of Glasgow. Colin wanted to make a short film that exhibited the quality of the Amercian movies he grew up on. Inspiration was drawn from films like Goodfellas, Snatch, The Departed and Layer Cake.

Despite the quick turn around of the production, the post production took much longer. Due to the low budget nature of the film it could not be finished at a high speed. The film had various sound issues and had to be done as a favour as the production could not afford to hire a full blown studio to mix the film. Various temporary tracks were placed in the film, to set the mood. The film was submitted to various film Click to Enlargefestivals, but was rejected by all film festivals. The unfortunate circumstances led to the first pass mix of the film being the one we had and thus it remains as the final mix. The film is still very watchable, but we have the unforutunate luck of being stuck with this as the best version of Sandwich.

Having been left locked in a drawer for several years Colin has decided to release the film as a free to view non-commercial online film. "I intend to make films to be watched, not stuck in my drawer for nobody to be seen. So I'm a bit ebarassed I had not released it before now." says Colin. "Sometimes you want a film to be as a good as can be so you don't show it to anyone as you know it's not ready, but it's now been three years and it's time to let people see it and be judged." So with that in mind the director recently revisited the film and polished off those rough edges and filled in some holes there were present in the previous versions of the film.

Although never released the short film was developed into another projec. A potential TV series set in the same Universe called The Crews, which features all of the main characters in Sandwich as well as a whole host of other ones.

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