Chris Somerville (now known as Chris Summers) who plays Jimmy Kergan in Sandwich, grew up in Pollock then moved to Renfrew. His performance in indie film, Pondlife, brought him to the attention of the director of Sandwich and he was offered the part of Jimmy Kergan after an informal audition.

Chris who is of Italian heritage studied performance at Reid Kerr College in Glasgow. He originally got into acting as a hobby through school, but has always had a love for films. Chris had wanted to be a Doctor from a young age and attributes that to watching too much Casualty and ER.

Chris is known for other roles such as Pondlife, Night is Day, Minds of Glass and received great reviews for performing as Dracula at the Greyfriars Kirk in Edinburgh back in 2002.

Chris is studying accounts and book keeping as a skill to help him become self employed, which will hopefully help him achieve his biggest ambition In the non acting world; to run his own Deli Café. However, in terms of his acting his biggest ambition would be to appear in a James Bond film.

In recent works Chris has reprised his role of Jimmy in the gangster series based on Sandwich, The Crews, and has also recently reprised his role from the Night is Day Web series for a new feature film based on the show.

Photos of Chris in Sandwich

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