Andy is played by Gareth Hunter, who grew up in Barrhead just outside Glasgow. Gareth comes from a small family with one brother has not been formally trained in acting. He studied Biology and gained a degree at (insert uni). He has always been interested in acting, but beyond doing a couple of plays hadnít done anything until he saw an advert in 2006 for an open audition for a feature film, Pondlife. Luckily they were looking for a tall hairy man to play a convincing drunk.

Gareth has went on to be cast in more productions since then including Sandwich and itís follow up The Crews. Gareth has been lucky enough to have gotten a chance to some Shakespeare also. He is also a keen writer and enthusiastic guitarist for Indie band, Bad Bad Men.

For Gareth acting feels like something he would always be interested in, ďItís one of those things I hope Iíll always be able to do. Itís fun to be someone else for a little while, to look through different eyes and get an alternative perspective on the world to my own.Ē

Official Website for Gareth's Band, Bad Bad Men

Photos of Gareth in Sandwich

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