Julie Pope, an experienced Theatre actress makes her screen debut as Julie Harrison the sister to notorious gangster Tommy Granger. Julie studied performance at Langside in the early 90’s. In her teens she was a member of the Glasgow Schools Youth Theatre alongside actors such as Natalie Robb (High Road and Emmerdale), Stephen McCole (High Times and Crying with Laughter) and Garry Sweeney (Small Faces and River City).

Julie continued her interest in acting whilst she studied for a MA (Hons) degree in Sociology at Glasgow University. Taking roles in shows with the Strathclyde Theatre Group at the Ramshorn Theatre and The Pantheon Club. She turned in performances including Nanny Ogg in Terry Pratchett's Wyrd Sisters and Maskerade, Jewel in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Maureen the Moorhen in Honk, Kalonike in Lysistrata, The Fly in Happy End and Low Dive Jenny in Threepenny Opera.

After Marriage and the birth of her first child she was no longer able to justify the time to long theatre rehearsals. However, with shorter rehearsals and filming time she was able to play the part of Julie in her first on screen role in Sandwich. Julie also reprised her role in the drama series The Crews.

She has since returned to theatre with a starring role as Faye in Mags McNulty’s production of The Ladybirds at The Ramshorn Theatre and also played the part of Lulu whilst 6 months pregnant in The Pantheon's production of Footloose at The Kings Theatre, Glasgow, 2010.

Photos of Julie in Sandwich

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