Robert Harrison who plays Tommy Granger grew up and went to school in Greenock, Scotland in the 60’s. Robert became a musician at a young age becoming very proficient with the guitar. He played in various bands in front of thousands over the years before turning his hand to acting.

Roberts move into acting is as lucky as any mans. One day he received a phone call from the researcher, Pamela Marshall, for a film being produced by Parallax Pictures (now Sixteen Films). They were looking for someone to play the part of a grand dad in their film and their search had not been going well. Robert was asked to help them as he was a man of many contacts. Four days later he got back to them with a man whom they auditioned and found was perfect for the part.

Pleased with the result they asked if he could help them out with a few other things and he was happy to help. Ken Loach, the director of the movie Sweet Sixteen, wanted to meet with him. Robert was unaware of the scale of the film but was happy to meet with director Ken Loach, whom he had not heard of before. They chatted about the film and he did a little improvisation scene for the director. Ken then offered him the part of a gangster in the film. After Sweet Sixteen many doors were opened for Robert thanks to Ken, Rebecca O’Brien and Paul Laverty.

Robert has featured in various films over the past several years including films such as Valhalla Rising, Spanking in Paradise, Eyes on The Street. Robert repirsed his role of Tommy Granger once again in the follow up to Sandwich, The Crews.

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