Kenny McFadden is portrayed by the enthusiastic young actor Scott Kyle. However, a little known fact is that in no draft of Sandwich ever mentions a character called Kenny for the simple reason he was originally called Rab. When the original actor had to pull out at the last minute for personal reasons the crew scraped around looking for a replacement. “A phone call was made and a voice message left with one certain actor who we believed would be available and were awaiting reply”, director Colin Ross Smith recalls, "We thought there was a good chance we could get him, but we didn't feel like he suited the name Rab so it was changed to Kenny". However it was not to be as he was not available either. The team tried every actor they knew and it was not until Sean Wilkie, fellow director, who had been helping out on the production referred Scott Kyle to them. Scott had worked on feature film Pondlife with Sean Wilkie so was familiar with some of the cast of Sandwich. Colin Ross Smith says “He came along at the last minute, saving the production and taking on the role of Kenny so we were very relieved to have him on board”

Scott had studied acting at the Glasgow College of Nautical Studies and was at the brink of graduating from the course when he came to Sandwich. Scott went on to start his own Theatre production Company called NLP Theatre. Their first success came with Des Dillon's Singing I'm No A Billy He's a Tim" which started out playing in a pub of sixty people and finished up playing in front of a 3,000 strong audience at the SECC Clyde Auditorium. The show toured throughout Scotland, selling out most venues and successfully toured Ireland in 2008. In 2010 he took the show to The Edinburgh Fringe Festival where it went on a run to sell out 34 shows in a row, the cream of the festival for Scott was winning the Best actor award from Stage Magazine; a highly coveted award at the festival.

Scott has went on to produce many more shows under his NLP production company including Des Dillon's Blue Hen starring himself and Coronation Street Star Charles Lawson, Harold Pinter's The Birthday Party and a Glasgow take on the famous Cinderella Story.

Scott went on to reprise his role of Kenny McFadden, in The Crews, the drama series based upon Sandwich and has appeared as Romeo in Romeo and Juliet by The Charioteer Theatre group. In his short few years he has made a great start to his career and is one to look out for in the future.

Official Website for Scott's Production Company, NLP Theatre

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